Sunbird Garden holiday villas are pet-friendly and offer dog-friendly accommodation. To maintain harmony and balance, we ask our guests who bring their dogs to follow our terms and conditions so that everyone can have an amazing stay: 

  • Your pooch is not allowed on furniture or beds
  • Anytime your pooch is in a public area within Sunbird Garden Villas, we ask that they be on a leash
  • Your pooch cannot be left in room unattended for extended periods of time
  • Please take your pooch for regular bathroom breaks outside the villas
  • Should damage be caused by your pooch to any element of the property, a charge equivalent to the cost of the damage will be applied to your account.
  • Your pooch must be appropriately cleaned after your trips to the beach to ensure that sand, mud etc, is removed prior to entry in the villa (there is a hose available outside each villa)
  • Your pooch is not allowed in the spa
  • Your pooch must have up to date vaccinations and have been treated appropriately for fleas.
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